Trailer Crane 30 / 1600 hydraulic

User friendly and safe

The new top model of the crane line is convincing thanks to its enormous power, having a payload of 1600kg and an extendible length of 30m. Its maximum lateral range at 100kg is 24m, and 3m at 1600kg.

This aluminum crane has an infinitely adjustable hydraulic luffing jib which can be extended twofold and is therefore convenient to set up. Thanks to this jib, it can be equipped with a working cage, which lets it be converted to an aerial work platform in no time at all. Up to two persons can fit in the pivotable cage.

The 30 / 1600 is equipped with a modern PLC control and a variable support system. Each of the four outriggers can be separately set up in three different positions (0°/20°/60° to the vehicle’s axle). The control monitors each position and calculates the maximum pivoting range depending on the load.

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Trailer Crane 30 / 1600 hydraulic Trailer Crane 30 / 1600 hydraulic