Trailer Crane 30 / 1400

Highest levels of convenience and safety

Thanks to its twofold extendible luffing jib, this aluminum crane can be extended up to 30m. It has a carrying capacity of 1400kg and is equipped with a modern PLC control system. It processes all information on the position of the four outriggers, the load, etc. and automatically calculates the maximum pivoting range. The outriggers can be set up at three different angles (0°/20°/60° to the vehicle’s axle) so that it is easy to fit to local conditions.

The maximum lateral range at 100kg is 24.90m, and 3.30m at 1400kg. Thanks to the powerful drive motors, telescoping poses no problems even when loaded. This trailer crane can also be pulled by a suitable car thanks to its total weight of only 3.5 metric tons.

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Trailer Crane 30 / 1400 Trailer Crane 30 / 1400