Trailer Crane 27 / 1200

High performance and reliability

This aluminum crane is a helping hand on construction sites and can be set up by one person in just a few minutes. When extended, it reaches a height of 27m and has a carrying capacity of up to 1200kg. Its lateral range is 24.3 m with a 100kg load, and 3.50 m with a 1200kg load. The PLC system continuously monitors the position of all outriggers and automatically determines the maximum pivoting range, thus ensuring maximum safety. Each of the four outriggers can be set by the variable hydraulic system to three positions (0° / 20° / 60° to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle).

Together with the standard radio control, it also guarantees precise operation and reduces working time. Thanks to its extendible jib, the crane can easily reach the back side of a roof. Its low weight of 3.5 metric tons means this model can easily be towed by a car.

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Trailer Crane 27 / 1200 Trailer Crane 27 / 1200