TGT-Trailer Crane

Trailer Crane 25 / 800

Efficiency and maximum safety When extended, this aluminum crane reaches a height of 25m and carries up to 800 kg, it is efficient and flexible. It can be set up by one person in just a few minutes. Because its individually adjustable outriggers have a variable and hydraulic control, it is also ideal for construction 

Trailer Crane 27 / 1200

High performance and reliability This aluminum crane is a helping hand on construction sites and can be set up by one person in just a few minutes. When extended, it reaches a height of 27m and has a carrying capacity of up to 1200kg. Its lateral range is 24.3 m with a 100kg load, and 

Trailer Crane 30 / 1400

Highest levels of convenience and safety Thanks to its twofold extendible luffing jib, this aluminum crane can be extended up to 30m. It has a carrying capacity of 1400kg and is equipped with a modern PLC control system. It processes all information on the position of the four outriggers, the load, etc. and automatically calculates 

Trailer Crane 30 / 1600 hydraulic

User friendly and safe The new top model of the crane line is convincing thanks to its enormous power, having a payload of 1600kg and an extendible length of 30m. Its maximum lateral range at 100kg is 24m, and 3m at 1600kg. This aluminum crane has an infinitely adjustable hydraulic luffing jib which can be 

Solidflex 34 / 1800

Flexible and strong The Solidflex is the strongest trailer crane in its class. It can carry loads of 1800kg and be extended up to 34m. Here the aluminum components are combined with high-strength steel, its admissible total weight amounts to a mere 3.5 metric tons. It is distinguished by its flexibility, small set-up area and