SuperLift 500

The flexible lift head can be rotated and tilted hydraulically, moved laterally in all directions and also telescoped up to 3 m forward and 6.1 m in height. Ideally suited for extreme work, such as putting glass on roofs. The SuperLift has an electric-drive that ensures smooth forward and reverse driving, even under load. All 

SuperLift 900

Meet the TGT SuperLift 900, our powerful glass manipulator with an enormous carrying capacity of more than 900 kg even when the is extended arm far ahead of the wheels (1.1 m) and up to a height of about 4 m. The lift head can hydraulically rotate and tilt in all directions, move laterally, and 


The four-wheel drive TGT SolarLift is ideal for handling your products with extreme care on all soil conditions. The lift head can be hydraulically tilted and rotated in all directions and moved 20 cm laterally. The arm extends to a maximum of 3.65 m forward and can be telescoped up to 6.05 m. The dual-circuit