Robby 900

The unique „Pick and Carry“ that requires no supports. Our Crawler crane TGT Robby 900 universal with his perfect equipment makes it easy also by bad way conditions at the building site like sand, road metal, grass, etc. to transport and to put in big and heavy glasses marble slabs, tombstones and other heavy elements.

The crawler chassis guarantees a safe road holding and a constant allocation of the pressure in every terrain. Through the powerful motor you can drive everywhere. And also his small telescopical chassis (from 1.25 – 1.74m) makes it possible that cramped passages are passable without problems. Of course, especially is his fantastic working reach of 3.5 m infront of the crawler chassis, the working height of almost 4.5 m by a capacity of 900 kg. We are sure that you as an expert see the high benefit of our new Crawler crane TGT Robby 900 universal the all-terrain working device.

Product images

Robby 900 Robby 900 Robby 900