Robby 420 Universal

The all-terrain allrounder

The TGT Robby is a product developed in-house and just recently launched on the market. It is equipped with 4 suction cups and lifts up to 420kg. The flexible head lift can be rotated 360° manually, pivoted 180° and tilted up or down 100°. It can move laterally in steps of 10cm and telescope forward 60cm. The dual circuit suction system in accordance with EN 13155 is battery operated.

The Robby is equipped with a powerful electric drive and is easy to handle thanks to a double set of rear wheels. Hence it can easily be loaded into all vans by means of a ramp. The Robby 420 can be used on all terrains thanks to its powerful front-wheel drive and deep-tread tires. Its body is waterproof with ip65 certification.