Passenger Lift PH

This powerful passenger elevator has a payload of up to 140kg, so workers can easily take equipment and tools along with them. It features an outrigger bracket, wheels with locking brakes and a cage that can be lowered in an emergency. The elevator is controlled optionally by hand or foot switch. The sturdy rail system 

Passenger Lift PHC

The PHC passenger elevators are characterized by high efficiency, a minimum space requirement and an extremely compact and lightweight design. Their max. height of 1.98 m let them fit through any doorway. The various models feature working heights that range between 6.50m and 12.00m and maximum payloads of 135 kg / 140 kg. The elevators 

Passenger Lift PHC Industry

The industrial model of the PHC elevator has its ballast integrated into the chassis. Its improved center of gravity enables it to be set up safely with smaller outriggers. It therefore takes up much less room and can be used wherever space is at a premium. Moreover, work can be done flush with the cage 

Passenger Lift PHC Indoor

The big advantage to the PHC Indoor is its adjustable cage. Small obstacles can easily be bridged over because the stable outrigger can be extended to 0.62m. Thanks to the optimized alignment of the cage, the elevator does not need to be relocated. Depending on the model, the working height is between 6.50m and 9.20m, 

Passenger Lift PHC Indoor Pallet Truck

This passenger elevator is mounted on an integrated pallet truck and can thus easily be positioned and moved around. Another advantage is its very small space requirement of at most 0,89 x 1,43m, since no additional outriggers need to be mounted. It is conceived for indoor use exclusively and meets the latest safety regulations for