Material Lift 250 LE

This material lift is ideal for frequent lifting operations. It is equipped with a quiet 230-volt electric motor and can lift loads without troublesome manual cranking.

This device is also impressive thanks to its payload of 250 kg and its comparatively low maximum weight of only 225 kg which, along with its two large transport wheels, means it can be loaded and transported without any problems.

The sturdy aluminum rails run out of one another like a telescope and ensure sufficient stability even when fully loaded. All three models in the LE series can be optionally equipped with outriggers on the sides which can be quickly mounted when needed and make the lift yet more stable. They provide more safety when the lift is being used outdoors.

The outriggers can conveniently be attached to the mast with brackets and stored. The 250 LE material lift was developed to meet the latest safety regulations and is CE certified.

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Material Lift 250 LE