Small, affordable, extremely efficient The TGT EasyLift is the ideal lift for installing large glass elements on roofs. It can be set up in mere seconds without any tools. Because it is so very versatile and nimble, two persons can easily install large, heavy panes on high roofs. Its four telescopic outriggers can be variably 

CombiLift H6

Safe, manageable, fast The TGT CombiLift H6 with hand winch is a compact, lightweight assembly device. It combines three in one: it is not only ideal for lifting loads, but also for vertical and overhead glazing up to a height of six meters. It is very manageable when being transported as well as when in 

Material Lift 300 LM

This classic model material lift is impressive thanks to its first-class quality which guarantees outstanding durability and reliability. The LM material lift series contains four different aluminum model designs. All models have a maximum payload of 300 kg, are equipped with four sturdy guide rollers and a comfortable grip. The grip is equipped with a 

Material Lift 250 LMC

The LMC model material lift is the most compact alternative to the LM model. Its height does not exceed 1.88 mm and its transport width is only 0.76 m. The lift can not only be transported upright to save space, it also fits easily through any doorway. With a lifting height of 3.20 m up 

Material Lift 250 LE

This material lift is ideal for frequent lifting operations. It is equipped with a quiet 230-volt electric motor and can lift loads without troublesome manual cranking. This device is also impressive thanks to its payload of 250 kg and its comparatively low maximum weight of only 225 kg which, along with its two large transport 

Material Lift 300 LH

A big advantage to this lift is that the winch is run by a 230-volt hydraulic assembly and must not be operated by hand. With its 1.5 kW of power, it can easily and automatically lift loads of up to 300 kg. The 300 LH’s enhanced convenience and much greater efficiency are especially valuable for