The TGT GlasKuli with hand winch is the compact, lightweight transportation device for doors, glass and elements, which is characterized by extreme maneuverability regarding transport and operation. SAFE – HANDY – FAST Transportation is made easy, for only one person • rotates plates / glasses up to 2.4 m length • raises / lowers glass 


Better safe than sorry! Heavy assembly parts or glass weighing up to 150 kg are easily transported with the TGT ExpressLifter. Even on stairs. Consists of 4 main parts: column with lever and suction unit, transport unit with wheels on two half axles, optimally adjustable ergonomic handles and a changeable supporting tube with two swivel 


The smart alternative – saves time and money ergonomically! The TGT Nomad is the ideal construction helper for handling all sizes of heavy objects up to 400 kg. With the Nomad, you can easily position precision glass plates and windows. At need, objects up to 4.50m in height can be turned 360°. Even completely loaded, 

Mule 300

The TGT Mule allows you to effortlessly transport large, heavy glass parts weighing up to 300 kg. This unit can be controlled by one person and is extremely agile. It is equipped with a safety brake on the mast and provided with a 12-volt, battery-powered vacuum pump. The Mule is ideal for positioning products on 


This device enables a single person to transport glass panes with ease. Vertically up to a weight of 300 kg and horizontally up to 200 kg. The TGT Horizon enables the load (maximum 4.4 m) to be turned and is therefore ideal for loading trucks and tilt tables, for instance. It is equipped with a 


The perfect glass lifter Our TGT Big Boy lets you lift heavy glass elements with no problem. Extremely mobile thanks to its pneumatic tires, even on the worst ground conditions and when fully loaded. Another big advantage is the enormous working space in front of the wheels, which easily allows you to remove the glass