The compact models of these Junior furniture lifts are ideal for working in confined spaces.

They fit through any door opening and can be easily assembled in narrow alleys and small backyards. The retractable axle and drawbar reduce the maneuvering width to less than one meter. The maximum lifting height is 24m. Moving items takes little time thanks to its load capacity of 250kg. The Junior is equipped with a rotating and extendible furniture platform which provides a loading area of approximately 2 x 1.20 m, has folding side walls for easy handling and is adjustable to any angle of the lift. Absolutely smooth running is ensured by the most advantageous cable run, as well as the vertically and horizontally adjustable guide rails. The rails are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. The engine is easily accessible to facilitate maintenance.

Because its total weight is only 56kg, any ordinary car can pull the Junior.

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