The Agilo, made of solid aluminum profiles, promises you convenience, efficiency and durability. Depending on the model, it can lift loads weighing up to 400kg to a height of 55 meters.

Mobility is one of the major advantages of this furniture lift. It can be quickly adapted to any on-site conditions. Its hydraulic outriggers make positioning easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Because they feature a customized combination of lift and vehicle type, the Agilo models of furniture lift can give you solutions to fit your purposes perfectly.

Convenience is guaranteed due to their extremely low loading height and ergonomic design. Besides the standard platform with foldable side panels, further furniture platforms are optionally available. These are extendible and pivotable. Powered by a gasoline engine, the lift reaches a top speed of 60m/min. As an option, it can also be powered by a PTO motor.

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