Robocrane 1400

The TGT RoboCrane is the perfect and universal crawler device for an everyday use whether on
rough ground or solid floors. Two in one = crane and glass robot.
With his manipulator he can easily rotate, tilt, telescope and move sideways glasses and elements
up to 1200 kg and this up to a height of nearly 10 meters, of course by remote control.
The millimeter-accurate installation of elements and glasses is no longer a problem.
With a weight of about 2000 kg and his flexible mounting parts is the TGT is RoboCrane 1400
versatile usable. Equipped with a winch he has a load capacity of 1400 kg.
Of course it is also possible to equip the TGT RoboCrane 1400 with a Flyjib as well as with
a foldable extension arm. Through this can be achieved an outreach of more than 8 meters.
Through his compact dimension and the relatively low weight of the TGT RoboCrane is he
particularly mobile and ideal for use in upper floors. A further advantage is the crane’s ability
to move in confined spaces and turn on the spot.