Performance that pays off

My name is Heinz Teupen. After twenty years of work in the glass and facade business, I am now perfectly familiar with the demands and performance requirements its customers. For this reason I am convinced that our product range will surpass your expectations. Our product portfolio contains glass carrying devices (which a single person can operate), glass lifting devices, VACU/POWER devices, mini, trailer and mobile cranes, as well as material and personnel elevators. We are here to provide all you need for production and installation in the glass, window and facade sector. We can transport and handle glass and elements weighing from 50 to 1800 kg.


Quality, reliability, service and, of course, safety are the foundation of our business.

Our range of service is focused solely on making your processes easier, more reliable and safer. This is not only in the interest of your employees, it also directly impacts your bottom line, for operations are then less dependent on local conditions or the risk of overtaxing your employees‘ physical capabilities on site. You and your employees will find these “colleagues” from our product range to be something they can always rely on. We are a worldwide supplier with customers from Europe to Asia. Please visit us at one of the many national and international trade fairs we attend. It would be our pleasure to advise you and show you the options we have on offer. As the official distributor of the Böcker Group, we offer a selection of aluminum cranes and elevators. In addition to our current program, we are always striving to provide you with the latest technological innovations in the industry. We aim for close collaboration!